Gold Beauty Bar

Gold Beauty Bar
Gold Beauty Bar

Gold Beauty Bar

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Nanometer gold technology stimulates blood flow and replaces facial muscles. This little tool lifts, de-puffs, and contours the complexion while allowing products to absorb more deeply into the skin. Micro-vibrations and cooling gold tip help fight under-eye bags and puffiness. Just 3 minutes a day leaves skin bright and glowing!

• Adjustable micro-vibrations for personalized comfort.
• Gold-plated, t-shaped bar easily fits into all of the counters of the face.
• Waterproof and safe for use in the shower or bath.
• Small size and compact design is ideal for travel.

Requires one AA battery (not included).

Operating the Beauty Bar:
• Turn the switch cover counterclockwise to turn on vibrations.
• Turn the switch cover clockwise to turn off vibrations.
• To replace the battery, turn the switch cover counterclockwise until the cover comes off.
• Remove the old battery and place the new battery into the bar and the negative side into the bar's body. Replace the switch cover and tighten,
• Do not use in water until the switch cover is secured tightly.
• Replace the battery when the vibrations become weak.
• Remove the battery after use to prolong use.

Using the Beauty Bar:
Start with clean dry skin, free of any makeup. Apply your favorite moisturizer or serum, working it into the skin with the Beauty Bar, one section at a time.
• Cheekbones- gently rub the bar upwards from the jawline to the cheek and towards the temples.
• Jawline and chin- push the bar in from the jawline towards the neck and down under the chin.
• Under eye- gently rub the bar from the inner corner of the eye outwards over the orbital bone.
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