Facial Moisturizers

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    Hydrated skin is healthy and happy. Packed with advanced emollients, humectants, and ceramides, our medical-grade ingredients are important to maintaining the skin’s barrier, which facilitates true healing and hydration.
    12 products
    Balanced Skin Lightweight Oil Free Moisturizer
    Green Tea Cream
    Antioxidant Facial Cream
    Clear Defense SPF 45
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    Balanced Skin Jojoba Oil
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    Ultra Calming and Nourishing Night Cream
    from $12.00
    Facial Moisturizer
    Microbiome-Friendly Nourishing Cream
    Collagen + Brightening Boost
    from $19.00
    Enriched Super Rich Moisturizer
    Green Tea Serum
    Glow Moisturizer