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    All HH Science brand products are dermatologist tested and approved. They are made in the USA by an FDA approved facility. We believe in offering clean and cruelty-free beauty solutions that are high-quality, capable of guaranteeing results, and are safe for daily use for healthy, happy skin.
    175 products
    Daily Defense +
    Sale price $23.95 Regular price $29.99
    Clear Skin Vitamins
    Sale price $21.59 Regular price $26.99
    from $19.00
    Brightening Pads 0%
    Collagen RX
    from $29.00
    Barrier Repair + Moisture Lock
    from $39.00
    Anti Aging Formula
    Sale price $29.59 Regular price $36.99
    Healthy Glow Tinted BB SPF 44+
    Retinol Forte Plus Smoothing Serum
    from $84.00
    Enhanced Probiotic Vitamin
    Sale price $29.95 Regular price $36.99
    Beauty Bites
    Sale price $29.59 Regular price $36.99
    Essential Mineral Tinted BB Cream SPF 50+
    Grow My Hair Shampoo
    Balanced Skin Lightweight Oil Free Moisturizer
    Vitamin C-Brightening Serum + Ferulic Acid
    from $29.00
    Green Tea Cream
    Hydrating & Firming Eye Serum
    Goodnight Eyes-Tightening and Repairing Eye Cream
    Antioxidant Facial Cream
    Age Defying Body Lotion
    Baked Hydrating Powder
    Good Morning Sunshine-Brightening and Hydrating Eye Cream
    from $19.00
    Grow My Hair Conditioner
    Balanced Skin Sensitive Acne Cleanser
    Intensive Hand Cream
    Lip Balm
    from $3.99 Regular price $4.99
    Mattifying Tinted BB Cream SPF 30
    Balanced Skin Jojoba Oil
    Eyeshadow Pan
    Ultra Calming and Nourishing Night Cream
    from $12.00
    Follicle Stimulating Serum
    Rapid Neck & Décolleté Firming Cream
    Hydrating Boost
    Sale price $79.99 Regular price $129.00
    Vitamin C-Brightening Moisturizer
    from $15.00
    Clear Defense SPF 45
    Gel Liner
    Hydrating Cleanser
    from $8.00
    Clinical Strength + Clean Starter Kit Gift Set
    Brightening Perfecting Illuminating Eye Treatment SPF 50+
    Complexion Perfector
    from $15.00