11 Benefits of Watermelon for Your Skin

by Helen Torok

We all know that watermelon is a delicious yet healthy treat that is good for our bodies (and, hey—July is National Watermelon Month), but did you know that all of the amazing things watermelon does for us internally can benefit us on the outside too? Watermelon is an amazing skincare ingredient that can assist your skin in a number of ways. 

Full of vitamins like vitamins A, B6, and C and antioxidants like the superhero lycopene, watermelon combats a plethora of skin issues. And as its namesake implies, made up of 92% water, watermelon can keep your skin so hydrated you’ll think you no longer need those eight glasses a day. Check out the 11 ways utilizing skincare infused with watermelon can benefit your skin.

1 Soothes: Say Goodbye to Redness and Inflammation

Using skincare infused with watermelon can benefit your skin!

One of the benefits of watermelon is its combination of vitamins and antioxidants and its cooling effect on the skin. With vitamin C and a combination of antioxidants such as lycopene, watermelon in skincare helps reduce redness and inflammation and is a great product to add to your skincare routine if you have sensitive skin.

2 Hydrates: Supple Days Ahead

As mentioned in our previous blog about the benefits of watermelon, roughly a quarter of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Our skin reflects what is going on with us internally so if you’re dehydrated on the inside, your skin will not be able to keep that a secret. By utilizing the hydrating effects of watermelon in your routine, like in our Healthy + Happy Essentials Clarifying Facial Cleanser you can start your skincare off on the right foot by effectively washing away dirt and oil while supporting your skin's natural moisture barrier.

3 Brightens: Where are my Sunglasses?

With an abundance of ways it benefits your skin, it is no wonder why vitamin C has become an essential ingredient in skincare recommended by dermatologists. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, vitamin C can decrease melanin and tyrosinase production, brightening the skin and erasing dullness.

4 Erases Dark Spots: Discoloration Who?

Just as vitamin C brightens the skin it also helps with discoloration and dark spots in the same way. Discoloration can be caused by several factors but mainly develops from UV rays. Vitamin C along with the antioxidants in watermelon helps protect the skin from said rays, preventing future dark spots and reducing already present discoloration.

5 Evens Texture: Smooth like Butter

The benefits of watermelon for your skin are many.

Bumpy, rough, and textured skin can be caused by many factors from acne to sun damage to genetics, and can be one of the harder skin issues to combat. Luckily, products like our Healthy + Happy Essentials Clarifying Facial Serum use the vitamins and antioxidants in watermelon to clarify and balance eradicating uneven skin. 

6 Fights Aging: Just Call Yourself Benjamin Button

The vitamin A, vitamin C, and antioxidants in watermelon all come together like The Avengers of skincare to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and prevent future fine lines and wrinkles from forming. While vitamin A helps repair and boost skin cells which may improve skin elasticity and tone, vitamin C aids in collagen production, and all those amazing antioxidants protect your skin's barrier.

7 Fights Acne: Throw those Pimple Patches away

We already know that vitamin C and the antioxidants in watermelon benefit the skin by reducing redness and inflammation so it should be no surprise that these same ingredients also reduce these hindrances in acne. While vitamin C and antioxidants work to reduce the acne that has already made its way to the surface of your skin, vitamin B6, another nutrient watermelon offers, can aid in the reduction of acne, stopping pimples from forming to begin with.

8 Clears Pores: Bye Bye Sebum

Just as Vitamin A boosts skin cell turnover and production it also aids in eliminating sebum production helping to reduce acne and uneven skin. By stimulating cell turnover vitamin A, which retinols and retinoids are created from, literally purges the sebum from your skin helping to create that flawless skin we are all aiming for.

9 Softens: You know, like a Baby’s Bottom

Watermelon has amazing benefits for soft skin.

Every aspect of watermelon from the vitamins to the antioxidants to the water content aid in softening your skin. By utilizing a moisturizer, like our Healthy + Happy Essentials Hydrating Facial Cream, you can see and feel the softening effects watermelon can provide when working alongside other amazing ingredients like hyaluronic acid. And if your body starts to get jealous of how amazing your face looks, fret not, we have a Healthy + Happy Essentials Hydrating Body Lotion to even the playing field.

10 Firms: How Old Are You Again?

If the skin-loving ingredients in watermelon are The Avengers, lycopene is Iron Man. Lycopene can protect your skin cells from damage and make it less likely you will get sunburned, and its ability to aid in the production of collagen will give your skin that boost in elasticity we all need to maintain our youthful glow.

11 Aids Makeup Application: Who Needs a Setting Spray When You Have Watermelon

Anyone who wears makeup knows that great makeup starts with great skin prep. Instead of spending your money on all kinds of different primers and setting sprays to keep your makeup looking flawless, you can simply use our Happy + Healthy Essentials line. The hydrating effects of watermelon in this line will prime your skin to be a smooth and supple foundation to lay your makeup on leaving you wondering if you even need that expensive setting spray you just bought. 

Watermelon: Dessert with a side of Skincare Benefits 

Whether you are looking to even your skin out, replenish moisture, work on acne or fine lines, or lay down a flawless foundation, the added benefits of watermelon provide an easy and effective way to treat so many of your skincare needs. And if you are unsure if watermelon is the right skincare ingredient for you head on over to our quizzes page to discover which of our cruelty-free and dermatologist-tested and approved products are best for your skincare needs.