What Is the Best Facial Moisturizer for Aging Skin?

by Helen Torok

A daily moisturizer is a must for all skin types, both young and old. However, aging skin is even more prone to damage when it’s dehydrated, making it susceptible to wrinkles, fine lines, and overall sagging. What is the best facial moisturizer for aging skin? There may be more than one correct answer based on your skin’s unique composition and individual needs.

What Is the Best Facial Moisturizer for Aging Skin: Key Ingredients

A woman wonders about the best moisturizer for aging skin.

A great moisturizing product should help your skin look and feel plump and hydrated, but aging skin needs more than just moisture to stay healthy. When building your perfect anti-aging skincare regime, look for products that contain these key ingredients to give your skin exactly what it needs during this phase of life.


This protein is abundant in the human body and performs numerous important functions. Unfortunately, natural collagen production slows with age, and it can also break down more easily the older you get. Its ability to help skin hold and maintain its shape is what makes it an essential component of an anti-aging routine. Products that supply and/or stimulate collagen production can help keep your complexion firm and lifted for that youthful appearance.

Ceramides and Phytoceramides

The best moisturizer for aging skin should include these powerful natural fatty acids to help build up and protect your skin's natural moisture barrier. Not only do they help defend your skin against signs of aging, but they also guard against harmful intruders, including bacteria and fungi. Ceramides and phytoceramides are essential for plump and supple skin.

Vitamin C

If you want brighter skin with fewer dark spots, vitamin C can be a game changer. A common but potent antioxidant, this ingredient plays a major role in fading darker pigmentations, repairing sun damage, and protecting the skin from more damage in the future. The result is often a brighter, more vibrant complexion, also known as "that youthful glow."

Hyaluronic acid

Another naturally occurring compound in the human body, hyaluronic acid plays a key role in retaining all that moisture you've been trying to infuse into your skin. Its compositional structure allows it to bind to water molecules and hold them in place along the surface of the skin. This means your complexion stays lustrous and well-protected, giving you that naturally plump look.

What Is the Best Facial Moisturizer for Aging Skin: Important Actions

The best moisturizer for aging skin can do several things at once.

There's no need to purchase several individual products to meet all the needs of your aging skin. Look for multi-tasking masters that cover several bases in one easy-to-use application.


Prevention is often the best form of treatment, so protecting your skin from further damage can go a long way in caring for aging skin. Sunscreen is a must for everyday use, even if you never set foot outdoors. Look for a moisturizer for aging skin that boasts an SPF of 30 or higher for ample protection for everyday wear. For long days outdoors or by the pool, you may need an extra layer of protection with a higher SPF. Take our SPF quiz here to find the right SPF for your skin type. 


Not all signs of aging are permanent. With the right combination of ingredients, your go-to moisturizer can also help repair damaged cells, especially when used in combination with a powerful antioxidant like retinol, a type of vitamin A that helps stimulate the growth and production of healthy skin cells at a swift rate. When pairing this with products with moisturizing ingredients, look for options that include hyaluronic acid or vitamin C to help undo the signs of neglect from your skin's past.


If you want to see results from your anti-aging moisturizer, you need a product that helps promote the rapid production and growth of new healthy skin cells. Products containing collagen and peptides are champions in this department. These types of products can help you enjoy more noticeable results at a faster pace, all while keeping your skin healthy and hydrated.

What Is the Best Facial Moisturizer for Aging Skin: Top Products

Several products show that the best facial moisturizer for aging skin can differ from person to person.

Each person's skincare lineup may look different, but there are a few essentials everyone should own to care for and protect their aging skin. These options are some of the best in their category at helping you achieve smoother, healthier, more hydrated skin.


For a concentrated dose of active ingredients and intense moisturizers, a great serum is a must-have. This Needle-Free Serum features hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to hydrate deeply while helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in just two weeks of use.

Lightweight Moisturizers

The best moisturizers for aging skin don't have to be thick, oily, or heavy. A lightweight moisturizer is ideal for every skincare routine and often works best for daytime wear, under makeup, or for those with oily skin types. This Balanced Skin Lightweight Oil-Free Moisturizer keeps skin soft and supple without making it greasy, so it's a great option for those also battling acne.

Hydrating Creams

Intense moisturizers still have their place, especially for dry skin types facing signs of aging. This Barrier Repair + Moisture Lock cream offers deep hydration with natural lipids, plus ceramides to help repair and restore your skin's natural moisture barrier. You can wear it any time, but it's perfect for adding to your nightly routine, allowing the ingredients to fully absorb and work while you sleep.

For a daytime moisturizing cream, the Healthy + Happy Essentials Hydrating Facial Cream is formulated with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, phytoceramides, and a plant-powered Skin Nourishing Blend® to give your skin a lightweight moisture boost. 


Not all moisturizers are topical. One of the best ways to keep your skin healthy is by hydrating from the inside out and using supplements containing collagen. While topical products treat issues at the site, these Beauty Bites can help encourage the body's natural ceramide and collagen production to help treat issues at the source. 

What Is the Best Facial Moisturizer for Aging Skin: HH Science Skincare

Your skincare needs change over time, so your products and routines may shift as you age. When it’s time to upgrade your everyday must-haves, HH Science offers a wide variety of trustworthy and effective options to choose from. 

What is the best facial moisturizer for aging skin? Take our quiz to find out here! It may depend on your unique skin type and your primary concerns, but we can help you find the perfect solutions. Shop our entire line of products for aging skin to help you look and feel your absolute best at every age and stage of life.