Can Sunscreen Cause Breakouts?

by Helen Torok

If you're wondering what's behind all those surprise pimples and blackheads, your go-to sunscreen may be to blame. Can sunscreen cause breakouts? While this essential skincare product should protect your complexion, some brands may do more harm than good. This doesn't mean you have to sacrifice clear skin in the name of sun protection. Understanding what's behind these acne flareups can help you build a better skincare routine.

Can Sunscreen Cause Breakouts: The Culprits

Can sunscreen cause breakouts?

You may think sunscreen causing breakouts is just due to its heavy consistency. This can clog pores and lead to pimples. Still, chances are it's what's inside your sunscreen that's leading to unhealthy skin.

Harsh Chemicals

Many popular sunscreens you find at your local store are made chemical based UV absorbers. These protect against UVA and UVB rays but are often irritating and inflammatory to the skin, which absorbs them rapidly. This is especially true for people with rosacea, eczema, acne  and melasma. In addition, these chemicals can work their way into the bloodstream and have negative effects on overall health, including hormonal imbalances, leading to even more acne breakouts.

Artificial Additives

Can sunscreen cause breakouts even if it doesn't contain harsh chemicals? It can if it's full of other ingredients that harm the skin. Artificial dyes and fragrances can be irritating for sensitive skin and can lead to more pimples. Greasy formulas that are dense with heavy oils can also lead to an imbalance on the skin's surface, resulting in more breakouts. This is especially true for those with an oily skin type.

Can Sunscreen Cause Breakouts: The Cleaner Solutions

There are healthy sunscreen options out there that effectively protect your skin without any unwanted side effects. Look for products with these features for a healthier complexion that's well protected with fewer breakouts.

Mineral-Based Formulas

Physical sunscreens made with natural minerals protect the skin by reflecting UV rays back into the atmosphere, preventing sun damage to the skin by blocking the sun’s rays. Zinc oxide and titanium oxide are clean, healthy, mineral-based options, which you can find in our Essential Mineral Tinted BB Cream SPF 50+. Designed for all skin types, this formula works especially well for those who need more complete sun protection. Without the harmful chemicals that disrupt the body's natural processes, you could experience fewer breakouts and clearer skin.

Nourishing Ingredients

The best sun protection products are multitaskers that not only shield your skin from harmful UV rays, but also nourish it. Can sunscreen cause breakouts? It's far less likely if your skin is healthy and balanced in the first place. This Balanced Skin™ Clear Defense SPF 45 contains niacinamide, which may help minimize breakouts and oil while keeping skin smooth. This Sport Defense SPF 50+ Spray also boasts plenty of skin-loving ingredients, including vitamin E, aloe, and antioxidants.

Can Sunscreen Cause Breakouts: Find Healthy Sun Protection at HH Science

Healthy, beautiful skin starts with proper sun protection. Can sunscreen cause breakouts? Others can, but HH Science is here for you. Our clean skincare products can help you get the protection you need without redness, irritation, and acne flare ups. Still unsure about which sun care product is right for you? Try this SPF Quiz to find the perfect option for your needs and protect your skin while looking and feeling your best.